TRIBO.dsp U3600

TRIBO.dsp U3600 is an advanced, self checking, particulate emissions monitor ideal for environmental compliance and dust collector maintenance applications. The unified DC/AC design and wide dynamic range, along with flexible scaling and alarm features, allows the U3600 to be used for many process flow applications.

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The U3600 provides a 4-20mA output and two independent SPDT relay contacts for alarm purposes. The easy-to-read, four color screen for real-time emission levels and alarm status is continuously on display. An optional digital output (Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP) is available for direct connection to plant network systems (PLC’s etc.) or bag leak detection systems managed by software.

TRIBO.dsp U3600 Features:
• Wide dynamic range, used to monitor flow or emissions applications
• Continuous 4-20 mA output
• Two (2) independent relays for alarm purposes
• Signal can be calibrated to display mg/m3
• No zero or drift adjustments required
• Automatic probe contamination check
• Password protection